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What is the difference between a crown and a bridge?

A crown is a procedure performed on a single tooth, where the entire tooth covered with a lab-made material.  The material will look like a tooth and act exactly as the tooth did before.  A crown is typically performed when a tooth is heavily damaged due large cavity or fracture and there is a concern that the tooth could break completely if it is not protected by a crown.  Crowns can be placed both on teeth as well on implants and our roughly the same on each. A crown is permanently cemented onto the tooth or implant. A bridge is a procedure involving multiple crowns.  This procedure is preformed when a tooth is missing in between two other teeth.  The two teeth on each side of the space are prepared for crowns.  The bridge will look like three teeth connected together.  The two crowns on each side of the space connected to a tooth that will cover the space over the missing tooth.  Just like a crown, the bridge will be cemented onto the two teeth permanently.  A bridge also can be put on teeth as well as implants.  A bridge can also replace multiple missing teeth and not just one.

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