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How can a dentist treat sleep apnea?

sleep apnea | memorial tx | 77079To treat sleep apnea, a patient must first have a sleep study performed to confirm a diagnosis of sleep apnea as well as it's severity.  We will refer our patients to a recommended sleep doctor.  In the state of Texas, only a physician can order a sleep study to be performed.  Unlike in the past, where most sleep studies required going to a hospital or facility, nowadays most sleep studies are performed in your own bed. 

What if I'm diagnosed?

After a diagnosis of sleep apnea is confirmed, if a patient is shown to have moderate to severe sleep apnea, CPAP or surgical intervention will most likely be first discussed.  If a patient has mild to moderate sleep apnea, or cannot tolerate CPAP, we can provide patients with a sleep apnea device.  This device is a specialized mouthpiece that will aid the patient with breathing.  

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