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How can my smile benefit from crowns and bridges?

dental crown | memorial tx | 77079Dental bridges and dental crowns are placed to help repair a tooth or a section of teeth that have been damaged. You may benefit from the placement of crowns and dental bridges if you have suffered trauma to a tooth or a specific area of your mouth and are looking for a permanent restorative treatment option to replace what was lost.



Dental crowns in Houston, TX help protect teeth that have become cracked, split, or heavily decayed. If part of a natural tooth is viable, but there is a concern that the tooth may break completely or later become damaged beyond repair, it is likely a porcelain crown will be recommended.


Dr. Bharwani, our talented in-house dentist, will likely recommend treatment with dental bridges in Houston, TX if a patient has a missing tooth or several missing teeth. Bridges work together with crowns to fill the empty spaces left behind by missing teeth and to help protect that space’s neighboring teeth. If you have experienced tooth loss or have had teeth extracted, a dental bridge may be an excellent restorative option.

Are Crowns & Bridges My Only Option?

Dental crowns and dental bridges can both be placed by our dental office. As a caring dentist in Memorial, TX, Dr. Bharwani can advise you if crowns and bridges are your best treatment option. In addition to crowns and bridges, dental implants are another popular restorative dentistry choice.

If you have concerns about dental bridges or crowns in the Houston area, do not hesitate to contact our dental office.

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