Teeth Whitening in Memorial, TX

Many people were not born with the white, bright smiles they admire in their favorite celebrities. In other cases, lifestyle choices such as using tobacco products or drinking coffee and tea can cause stains on teeth. The aging process also takes its toll on the color of your smile.

teeth whitening | memorial txAt our office, we provide several different whitening options to suit each patient’s individual needs. At your first appointment, we will discuss what your expectations are from teeth whitening to make sure the best treatment option is available to you.

Call the Memorial dental office of Dr. Bharwani to find out more about how teeth whitening can change your smile!

Teeth Whitening Options in the 77079 Area

One hour whitening is the quickest way to make your teeth several shades whiter in one quick appointment.

The first step is preparation. Dr. Bharwani will prep your mouth for the teeth whitening process by covering your lips and gums to keep them protected. Exposing only your teeth, he will apply the whitening gel. This is followed by activation of the whitening gel using a specially designed light. The light and the gel work to penetrate the teeth, breaking up stains and discoloration.

This gel application and activation process is then repeated in three 15-minute sessions over the course of your appointment.

We also offer custom whitening trays that are made to fit over your teeth snugly along with a professional-strength whitening gel. We recommend that you wear these for a period of 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the strength of the gel and your smile goals. The benefit of this procedure is that you can do it at your convenience in your own home. Results are just as dramatic as our one-hour whitening process, although it will take about a week of daily use to achieve maximum whitening effects.

Teeth Whitening Club

professional teeth whitening | memorial txAfter you have undergone the whitening process, it’s easy to revert to habits that might have stained your teeth in the first place—especially if you are a heavy coffee or tea drinker. Smoking can cause your teeth to yellow even quicker.

Once you have made the investment in professional tooth whitening, protect your results and keep your teeth white and bright. To help you in this, we invite you to join our whitening club. We offer a membership to all of our patients. The only requirement is that you maintain your regularly scheduled appointments for examinations and cleanings.

If you have custom whitening trays made at our office, you will receive free whitening gel at every appointment. For those of you who have pre-existing custom whitening trays, you do not have to worry about having new ones made at our office.

We can talk to you about club membership at your initial consultation. Call us today to find out more about getting back a youthful, white, vibrant smile!