Veneers in Memorial, TX

Just because you were not born with a perfectly even, white smile doesn’t mean you can’t have one!

At GB Dental, Memorial dentist Dr. Bharwani loves how his work gives him the opportunity to improve the look of his patients’ smiles so they feel good about showing it off. Having a great smile can be a real confidence booster that impacts every facet of your life!

veneers | memorial txVersatile porcelain veneers can take your smile from dull to dazzling by camouflaging many different dental issues. Whether you are looking to fix teeth that are gapped, chipped, or misaligned, you can have a beautifully straight, white smile in just a couple dental appointments.

Call us if you don’t like the smile you see in the mirror. We would love to help!

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are thin, translucent shells that are custom-made in the laboratory before being bonded to the front surfaces of the teeth. They are placed to cover those teeth that show when you smile. These tooth covers—ranging in thickness from just 0.3 to 0.5 millimeters—look natural and hide flaws in your smile.

How Do Porcelain Veneers Work?

Dr. Bharwani will complete the process for getting porcelain veneers in just a couple of appointments. During your first appointment, your natural teeth will be prepared to receive the veneers, and an impression is taken that will be used to create the veneers in the lab. The lab will create custom restorations reflecting how you’d like your smile to look.

In the meantime, we will create provisional restorations for you to “try on” while your custom veneers are being made. This gives you a chance to make sure your smile looks exactly how you’d like it to, eliminating the need to make changes to the permanent veneers once they are in place.

When your custom veneers have been fabricated, they will be permanently bonded into place, giving you a celebrity-caliber smile.

Porcelain veneers require very little of the original tooth structure to be removed, so the procedure can be performed using little to no anesthetic.

How Do Lumineers Differ?

dental veneers | memorial txTraditional veneers require that some of the tooth enamel be removed before placement so that they lay laterally along the gum line. With Lumineers, there is minimal tooth preparation, so they provide the ultimate in conservative treatment. Because they are even thinner than porcelain veneers, however, they may not completely mask certain problems.

How Should I Care for My Veneers?

Brush and floss regularly, and see your dentist twice each year for routine exams and cleanings. Although strong and durable, veneers can be damaged, so don’t use your teeth for anything other than chewing food.

Veneers are long-lasting, and with proper care, yours should last 10 or 15 years or more.

Dr. Bharwani offers these cosmetic dentistry services in Memorial and more. Contact us to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry practice.