General Dentistry in Memorial, TX

Dr. Bharwani and his team look forward to getting to know you so that they can provide the compassionate, experienced care you need to enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles. At our one-doctor practice, you will see the same dentist each time you come in!

Preventive Care

general dentistry | energy corridor txIf you don’t have healthy teeth and gums, chances are your overall wellbeing is going to suffer. Studies continue to point to a connection between oral health and systemic health, and gum disease has been linked to serious conditions such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and more.

Healthy dental hygiene habits, like proper brushing and flossing and regular dentist visits, are the best ways to prevent major dental problems—and keep your body healthy.

If it’s been a while since you have last visited the dentist for an examination and a cleaning, rest assured that we are not here to judge you. We just want to get you back on track for good oral health!

General Dentistry

Gum Disease Treatment

You can’t have healthy teeth without healthy gums, and the only way to know for sure if your gums are healthy is to see your dentist regularly. Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a bacterial infection of the mouth. Millions of Americans have gum disease, but they often don’t realize they have it since symptoms may not show up immediately. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults in this country.

In its mildest form, periodontal disease is called gingivitis, which can be reversed if it is treated promptly. Gingivitis that is not treated will worsen until the condition is advanced. Called periodontitis, this form of gum disease can be managed but not cured. Left untreated, it will lead to tooth loss. 

Dr. Bharwani will make recommendations for a dental cleaning schedule, depending on your level of gum disease.

Root Canal Therapy

Many people have an unfounded fear of root canals, which is a procedure that will treat an infected tooth—and usually save it. To treat the infection, Dr. Bharwani will remove the infected pulp tissue, rinse the area with an antibiotic, fill the canal, and seal the opening.

Since the live portion—the nerves and blood supply—are removed from the tooth, it has a tendency to become brittle after root canal therapy. A crown will preserve the tooth structure and increase the chances of success.

For those who are nervous about this common dental procedure, we will do everything we can to ensure your comfort while you are undergoing treatment. We have a variety of pain control methods, including nitrous oxide, as well as relaxation techniques to ensure a pain-free visit.


Dental extractions are always a treatment of last resort, but sometimes the natural tooth or supporting bone is so badly damaged, it’s the only option to preserve the health of the rest of your teeth.

Other reasons for tooth extraction include severe tooth decay, infection, periodontal disease that has damaged the supporting structures of the teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, and making space in the mouth before orthodontic treatment.

Rest assured that Dr. Bharwani has an experienced, gentle touch, and he will offer tips to help ensure fast healing after the procedure.

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