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How can I grind my teeth less?

image of an individual that suffers from tmj bruxism houston txBruxism, commonly known as the involuntary grinding of teeth, can have a negative effect on your dental health. Teeth grinding can damage crowns and even your jawbone, and consistent grinding that occurs for years can lead to loose teeth, hearing loss, and chronic headaches.

While tooth grinding usually occurs subconsciously while you are sleeping, there are ways to reduce or even stop the grinding altogether. If you are suffering from bruxism in Memorial, TX, try the following:

  • Wear a night guard while sleeping: Dr. Bharwani, our skilled dentist in Memorial, TX, can fit you for a night guard to be worn while you sleep. A night guard can protect your teeth and help alleviate painful symptoms
  • Apply a heating pad or hot washcloth to your jaw: Heat, particularly moist heat from water, relaxes muscles in the body. Applying heat directly to your jaw and face before bedtime will encourage your jaw muscles to relax, reducing the chance of grinding
  • Avoid chewing on inanimate objects: Many of us tend to chew or bite down on pens, straws, ice, or even our own hands or nails when we are stressed. Make a conscious effort not to chew on anything except food to avoid bruxism and TMJ symptoms in Memorial, TX

If you are struggling with teeth grinding, contact our dental office today.

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