Digital X-Rays in Memorial, TX

One of our goals at GB Dental is to make your time with us as efficient as possible. Although Dr. Bharwani can see a lot about your oral health with a visual examination, decay or infection can be lurking below your enamel or gumline, making it impossible to detect with the naked eye.

digital x rays | memorial txConsequently, digital x-rays are a crucial part of preventive, comprehensive dentistry. We generally follow the American Dental Association's guidelines of ordering x-rays for patients once each year, but this depends on the individual and his or her oral health.

Dental x-rays are an important part of how we use technology to make early and accurate diagnoses so you can get the treatment you need while it is still less invasive. Digital x-rays can also help prevent dental emergencies by detecting small issues below the tooth surface before they manifest into bigger problems requiring root canal therapy or even problems that lead to tooth loss.

Digital X-Rays Are Safe in the 77079 Area

For most people, the safety issue of x-rays is a concern, but it needn’t be. Granted, people are exposed to a small amount of radiation while undergoing digital x-rays, but the amount is minuscule. You likely receive more exposure to radiation in your everyday life—taking a walk in the sunshine or taking a short ride in an airplane.

Digital x-rays are also safer for the environment since there are no chemicals involved as there are with developing film x-rays.

Digital X-Rays Are Efficient

Not only do digital x-rays give off minuscule amounts of radiation, but the process of taking them is quicker than film x-rays, so there is even less exposure for patients. In addition, we take other precautions while taking x-rays, including providing patients with a lead apron for additional protection.

Unlike film x-rays, which had to be developed via a process involving film and chemicals, the images we capture with digital x-rays are uploaded to a computer monitor to be viewed immediately. This is especially crucial for those patients who are experiencing a dental emergency and need answers fast so we can quickly provide pain relief when needed.

digital x-rays | memorial txDigital x-rays give us the highest resolution digital images available. This means we can zoom in on digital x-rays and modify the contrast, providing Dr. Bharwani with most accurate information possible on the condition of your teeth as well as your gum and bone health.

Because the images are digital, we can send them electronically to your insurance company, which often means fewer treatment delays.

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